# GPAF4027018

Instalación, evaluación y optimización de un sistema de gasificación de Saccharum Spontaneum (Paja Canalera), para la producción de gas combustible y/o energía eléctrica, en Panamá. Panamá.

2016 - 2019


Implementación, evaluación y optimización de un sistema de gasificación para la transformación energética de la Paja Canalera y otras fuentes biomásicas en electricidad. 

The use of biomass for energy generation is one of the measures that apply to Panama to replace the use of fossil fuels, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce the leakage of economic currencies from Panamá. Saccharum Spontaneum (Paja Canalera) could be an energetic biomass resource; however, this represents an ecological and economic problem, as it has invaded extensive areas in the Panama Canal area. Biomass gasification is a thermochemical process in which biomass material can be converted into fuel gas suitable for the generation of electricity. In this way, Paja Canalera can become from a problem into an autochthonous energy resource in Panamá.

The immediate objective of this research is the implementation, evaluation, and optimization of a gasification system for the energy transformation of the Saccharum Spontaneum and other biomass resources in electricity. The objectives of this third stage were the development of the experimental process, the evaluation and analysis of results, the writing of scientific manuscripts and the dissemination of the project and its results. The results obtained to date confirm that the Paja Canalera can be subject to gasification for power generation; however, research continues and further research effort is required.

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