# IPAC9082520

Ecosistemas Logísticos Sostenibles e Inteligentes de Panamá

2018 - 2022

En Ejecución

Conceptualizar un sistema de Trazabilidad de emisiones de gases y de eficiencia entre los principales nodos logísticos de Panamá.

This research presents an innovation path, the Panama Logistic innovation path and it is unique. The journey started in 2013 with a diagnostic of the logistic main node processes and interactions. Then, it includes RFID, Internet of Things and other traceability technology evaluation from 2015 to 2018 while supporting the Panama Logistic Strategic Plan for 2030 and the Panama Canal master plan. Finally, all these studies merged in two goals, efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction in the Panama Logistic Ecosystem using smart technologies.

Logística y Transporte


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