Vanessa Lisbeth Quintero Cedeño #DPOF2015919

Vanessa Lisbeth Quintero Cedeño

Vanessa Lisbeth Quintero Cedeño #DPOF2015919

Protocolos MAC, Estimación y Pronóstico SOC y SOH

Panamá Oeste
Unidad / Facultad:
Grado Académico:
Doctor (a)
Área de Investigación
Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones
Áreas de Interes
Investigador Nacional 1 2022 - 2025

Publicaciones en Google Scholar

Publicación Citas Año
Lithium-ion battery end-of-discharge time estimation and prognosis based on Bayesian algorithms and outer feedback correction loops: A comparative analysis 23 2015
Improvements of Energy-Efficient Techniques in WSNs: A MAC-Protocol Approach 20 2018
Modelling the degradation process of lithium-ion batteries when operating at erratic state-of-charge swing ranges 17 2017
Characterization of the degradation process of lithium-ion batteries when discharged at different current rates 15 2018
SoC control for improved battery life and throughput performance under VST-TDMA 10 2016
Lithium-ion battery pack arrays for lifespan enhancement 8 2017
State-of-charge estimation to improve energy conservation and extend battery life of wireless sensor network nodes 8 2017
Particle-Filtering-Based State-of-Health Estimation and End-of-Life Prognosis for Lithium-Ion Batteries at Operation Temperature 6 2016
State-of-charge estimation to improve decision making by MAC protocols used in WSNs 5 2018
Characterizing the Degradation Process of Lithium-ion Batteries Using a Similarity-Based-Modeling Approach 4 2018
Particle-filtering-based Prognostics for the State of Maximum Power Available in Lithium-Ion Batteries at Electromobility Applications 3 2020
Sleep Time Adjustment through Performance Indicators of a Lithium-Ion Battery 2 2019
Procedure for Selecting a Transmission Mode Dependent on the State-of-charge and State-of-health of a Lithium-ion Battery in Wireless Sensor Networks with Energy Harvesting Devices 2 2018
A Simulation Engine for the Characterization of Capacity Degradation Processes in Lithium-ion Batteries Undergoing Heterogeneous Operating Conditions 1 2019
Frame retransmission using a modified VST-TDMA access protocol in Picocell/WPAN 1 2017

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