IT & Electronic applications for Harvesting Energy

2021 - 2021

En Ejecución

Aplicar al programa DAAD – RISE Worldwide (Research Internships in Science and Engineering) 2020 para clasificar entre los mejores proyectos postulados por 422 países con el fin de ser premiados con la colaboración de un estudiante de licenciatura de una universidad alemana para realizar pasantía de investigación en la UTP, C.R. Chiriquí. 

The Photo-Energy project consists of a system of alternative and clean electric energy generation through the natural process of plant photosynthesis using solar energy. We are developing a prototype using a plastic or wooden pot with soil and small local plants, which houses a nanotechnology system with certain electronic features.

During the process of photosynthesis, the plants release nutrients and waste that in contact with microorganisms (bacteria) in the soil decompose producing electrons. These electrons are captured through electrodes found in the electronic system inserted in the potting soil, creating a current flow that must be channeled and stored in a battery that is charge during the day. This eventually serves as a power source to power an LED lamp or charge a cellular device. Projects using this technology are already being carried out in other parts of the world; therefore, we are interested in developing and executing it in Panama taking advantage of the abundance of our natural resources and local human capital. It has been proven that it is a low-cost system since the solar panel is the plant itself and represents an innovative energy generation mechanism that does not require large investments to be able to contribute to a form of responsible consumption and the economy of families.

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